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Flows of people and cars, full streets and walkways, platforms and crossings represent a dynamic urban metropolis in flux. Tokyo the 24 hour city is the ultimate density symbol and reference for flow representation.

Through out the clip the individuals find shelter, escape the rush and break out, rest and jump back in. Opportunities are multiple. There is a group of friends chatting in between a large body of pedestrians staying as the mass shifts by. Or the individuals that find shelter from the flow in the shadow of some pillars dividing the mass of people streaming by.

Interesting how architecture suddenly plays a different role in this context of temporal representation in the form of a timeLapse. Corners, bends or obstacles turn into havens for a timeout. All this is beautifully framed by Joe Wiecha. The images are shot before the earthquake earlier this month and we hope that the metropolis and the whole of Japan soon finds back to its routines. Tokyo time lapse feature also HERE and HERE earlier.

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In a land fa far away three days can be endless. In tokyo the mother of all 24 hour cities this is definitely the case. However if you have time to spare and musse to dive into the endlessness you might as well become one with the place explore every inch.

In ‘Totally Tokyo’ Will Armitage has done exactly this and filled his camera with images on the way. THe result is this great timelapse, a never ending flood of people, building, roads and lights, infrastructure everywhere. A short personal portrait of a city that never sleeps in a far away land.

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Tokyo the dense city with the many lights, buzzing streets and total anonymity in the crowd. Or as here the beautiful place, sitting in context between speed rail and the colour changing sky.

Produced by Stefan Werc on a Canon 7D, music, Broadcast 2000 “get up and go” broadcast2000.co.uk

Get up and go from Stefan Werc on Vimeo.

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