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Driving around Paris from you comfy chair is obviously possible nowadays using Google Street View. You can zoom along the road.
Video by coprod.fr, music Phoenix – Liztomania

Google Street View challenge /2009 from CorentinZ on Vimeo.

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If live would be as smooth as this clip is in design terms coherent, would it still be fun. Nevertheless this is great stuff.

Freeband – The Ambient Life from The QBF on Vimeo.

Found through Digitale Schweinshaxe

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Space and the creation of, has occupied lately a lot of space on the blog. For the approaching weekend a fascinating clip that throws up an extended question ‘the origin of mass’ after the Higgs Boson particle which is expected to provide a scientific foundation for the origin of mass in the universe. For it find this clip really suitable. For not to say I love it.
Aleksandar Rodic created the clip for his animation class at Savannah College of Art and Design.

The Origin of Mass from Aleksandar Rodic on Vimeo.

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Simply because it is such a nice clip. There is a lot more to be found on urbanAbstract.com if one clip is not enough. It is created by Art Director Jopsu Ramu from Musuta Ltd. together with Shun Kawakami from artless Inc. The urbanAbstract project is a collection of forty 5 second clips that explore the urban environment in one, two and three dimension. Together it makes this 200 second clip, enjoy.

Urban Abstract from Musuta on Vimeo.

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This is a really surprising timelapse tilt shift clip. Something that leaves you puzzled for the approaching weekend. Anyway enjoy, it might inspire you for some work over the weekend.
It is done by UpperFirst a studio working in the field of motion graphics and film. They have some more infos on how it is produced online HERE.

Colorama – Makeover from Upper First on Vimeo.

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As an update on the new city presentation here is the MoMa clip documenting the project.

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Image by tadar

The narrative is currently a big topic in the construction of my research project. The creation of the narrative through activity as a constant process, currently guides the conception of the study. The idea really is to get to grips with the creation of time and space as temporal phenomena. If we employ the narrative as the structural element this might become possible.
This has to be seen in the context of the urbanDiary tracking project and the time-space aquarium as the approach in time geography. The narrative here describes the time-space aquarium as a whole, containing similar trajectories. But since a number of narratives can fit in to a story it allows for the combination of multiple time-space aquariums with different time and space parameters.
The narrative in a sense is purely structural and simply describing the way the body of content is organised. It is organised along an inner coherency.
As a visualisation of the concept ‘the snail on the slope’ is very interesting, since it works with a strong focus on the form aspect of the narrative. The movie is actually based on a novel and the sequences of processes are generate for each chapter. THe novel was initially written by the Strugatsky brothers. FOr the visualisation processing was use.

The Snail on the Slope from tadar on Vimeo.

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A beautiful short film by Peter Kidger an ex Bartlett students – ‘the Berlin infection’ – is a a mixture of high resolution still photographs and 3D animation. It is an intriguing tale of identity and the assigning of it to particular objects of the urban context.
He produced it as part of his postgraduate diploma in architecture in the unit 15 at the Bartlett School of Architecture in 2006.
On his youtube page you can find some more animations of this kind.

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I am currently very fascinated by everything machine. We’ll as you can guess or experience your self there is very little that would not fall into this category, in terms of conception. However this might also simply be a preconditioned view through the glasses of the ticking ticking ticking blog topic with the idea of cycles and rhythms.
What ever it is here is an update to an other post on the human machine, referring to concepts picturing the body as a machine. Famously Fritz Kahn stands for the most complete work of this idea.

Image by Anatomies by Fernando Vicente – Illustration in the style of Fritz Kahn

However there is a beautiful project by Henning Lederer to animate the drawings of Fritz Kahn and brings them to life. It was produced as an university Master project, details on HERE. Detailed project information can be downloaded as a PDF. Henning also writes a very fascinating blog on everything related to the topic of machines and animation with a string of beautiful examples.

Der Mensch als Industriepalast [Man as Industrial Palace] from Henning Lederer on Vimeo.

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Finally the new timeLapse animation is here. It was shot quite quickly in two days, while having reasonable August weather. The editing process was more of a problem, though. It is shot with a G9, some 1480 stills. While using the 360 VR this was quite an installation and there are issues with the zoom level. Because this has to be done manually it is different in each scene and this proofed a problem in the editing process. Photoshop is a helpful tool and without the batch function there would be no timeLapse, but for synchronizing the frame over different scenes it is quite tricky. I know video editing software would do the trick, but the rendering process would consume about the same amount of time.

Image by UrbanTick – StoryBoard

Anyway here it is, with eleven scenes from around central London (I know I should get out once! Any suggestions for places?) Funny enough I spent two days sitting underneath the tripod and studying the scenes. The angle of the VR mirror allows for sitting underneath so I dono appear in all the scenes, but still in a couple of them. In the empty Gordon Square I had to use some bread to attract pigeons otherwise it would have been a bit boring. Other scenes like the Millennium Bridge it as too crowded there was no need for intervention. Sorry for the shaking in this particular scene, but the bridge is in motion because of the crowd. If you sit (like me) or stand there for a while, you can feel it.
So the little worlds are up now, and maybe you spot yourself in the clip somewhere.

London Small World from urbanTick on Vimeo.

music by bradsparky at m3unsigned.com

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