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Massified Research and Visualisation

Today at the conference in Oxford ‘Visualisation in the Age of Computerisation’ we will be presenting a paper. The conference is packed and there are waiting lists for all events. This is to say how popular the topic currently is. Of course Oxford is a great place, they have managed to cover a vast variety of topics and invite popular and well known key speakers. Nevertheless there is also the aspect of hype and coolness about the topic that plays an important role. For an outine of the conference see HERE.

Steven Woolgar has in his key note already pointed out the differences in the rais of the visualisation and surprised with a few in depth analysis of visualisations. From neural advertisement analysis to the translation of lectures in to animations and the viualisation of key strokes as colour and sound.

The paper presented by Tim Webmoor and myself is focusing on aspects of ethics and practices for online social research especially regarding the gray area in which it operates given the lack of covering academic protocols. The title of this contribution is ‘Massified Research and Visualisation’ and it is based on the forthcoming paper “Scaling Information in the Information Economy: Implications for Massified Research and Visualisation from Public API Feeds’. The abstract of the presentation can be found HERE.

Below you can find the presentation to click through.