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360 Panorama Video in Action – This is the Real Thing

360 panorama stuff was discussed ere a number of times. Starting with Google Street View to panoramic timeLapses and then also for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010 the ‘Google Slope View‘. There are now however, tests ongoing with 360 video for panoramic views. The Microsoft driving project featured her or on DigitalUrban the 360 video street view. Those were only tests and proof of concepts, but now comes the first beta of a 360 panoramic video in an online presence. It is again for a winter resort and you can hop on the lift, the clip gets you up the hill, of course including free 360º panoramic view and you can then ski down the sopes, no need for clicking the next arrow head, but concentrating on the navigation of the view. Yes its the real thing – onSnow over at slopeView.com. You also get a few walks through the resorts village.
Video quality is not that amazing and it is sort of guessing what the more distant view is, but nonetheless a fully working comercial version of a 360º panoramic video tour.
Thanks to Jason for the link.

There are, however more of these platforms poping up everywhere. VideoStreetview.com for example is another one that offers Google Street View style video tours covering Switzerlandand parts of France.

Image taken from videoStreetview.com / Leonhardsgraben in Basel Switzerland.