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The Identity of the Place

The new Monu Magazine comes with a beautiful quote describing the characteristics of the city as a particular locally sourced parameter that lives and breathes with the citizens.
“Most of our cities are shaped by a particular set of values that does not necessarily lead to high quality urban spaces, but instead to scary, ethically unacceptable and distorted forms.” (MONU issue #12, )
This is something we all experience on a daily basis and therefore are very familiar with. However it doesn’t stop there. We also contribute to our surrounding, we are part of it. At least since ‘The Social Logic of Space’ by Hillier and Hanson we also have an attempt to describe and characterize this phenomenon. It it is not the only attempt, but one that claims to be fundamental and ‘scientific’ i.e. mathematical. But still, it is based on the static concept of the space as a given entity. This doesn’t fit together with Open Source, Free Content or User Participation. To some extend with the emerging filed of spatial dynamics research based on the new location awareness technologies is to look into this very same field. Since it focuses on the activity of the citizens directly they finally play the important role in the description of the urban environment. It really comes back to ‘You are the City‘.

You can brows the magazine on YouTube, for convenience I have simply embedded the clip below, so go a head a flip through the pages.