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DIY Google Street Car

Now that the whole of the UK is is covered by Google Street View, will the Google car disappear as a species from the streets? Many don’t believe it would and this not only because Google might want to update the views. Maybe just because it has become impossible to stop the drivers. See the hilarious clip on digitalUrban. However some people have grown so fond, or indeed started hating Google so much they might start their own project either way. You can now build your own Google Street View car. You have to start from scratch, though, but most likely you already own most of the ingredients needed.

What better way to explore the urban streets around you than in a pimped car in Street View style? The detailed instructions can be found HERE. And this really means detailed instruction. Yu will learn that this project need (x2) wooden board 40 x 23 x 1 cm (center box) and (x1) 50 meter roll of white duct tape for example. For full details refer to fffff.at
The prototype was developed by F.A.T. for a workshop in Berlin last year. They are very much anti Google and make the most of taking the piss out of the big brand, and marketing wise this is definitely a strategy for an art project. Here is the documentation clip posted on vimeo (includes some background and detail) by F.A.T. Some scenes are stunts, where other are real, never mind.

via urbanophil