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UrbanDiary on Layar

Layar featured on the blog before and now I have been playing around with the augmented reality platform to use for the visualisation of the urbanDiary data. I have now created an UrbanDiary layer show track points that are already in the database.
For now this is only a test with and it is not yet available as a public layer. The POI’s it displays are all GPS track points collected by participants of the UrbanDiary project. So each dot means someone passed by here earlier.
I am however not quite convinced with the layar platform visually, as I have expressed in previous post. As a first test to visualise the collected data it serves very well. I am actually thinking about it as an extension to the time-space aquarium.
However this is of course only a first stab at it and a lot of information is not yet included. I tried to have a go at the aspect of time. Each point, after it has properly loaded, displays a visual time indication on the bottom right as a waxing or waning crescent. This gives an idea of the time this particular point was recorded. I choose to do this as for now layar does not allow for individual icons. There is only a set of three icons currently available.

Image by urbanTick for UrbanDiary – waxing and waining crescent indicating the time of the day.

And here is the video to see it in action.