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Mapping the Everyday – Mapping Workshop

I am invited for a workshop at University of Plymouth, Faculty of Art, School of Architecture. The topic is mapping and the aim is to introduce the students in a one-day workshop to various techniques. We are a team of four guest tutors; the series is organized by Bob Brown, Master of Architecture Program Leader.
My contribution is under the subject of the narrative in the city and entitled the “Mapping the Everyday – The Spatial Extension of Routines“. This workshop provides an opportunity to test the ideas and concepts in the context of the UrbanDiary project. One of the key concepts developed from the UD tracking project is the idea of individual space creation resulting in a continuous, spatial narrative. Through the movement and experience of the body one creates a story, which in turn is creating memory and identity, not on only for the individual, but for the city as a collective.
As an introduction I will be giving a short presentation about the research work I have been doing over the past year.