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Out and About – VR Timelapse

I am out again today. This time with a new add-on to the camera. A 360 VR lens that we managed to fit on the G9. It takes a few steps to mount it. The Canon adapter for the G9 that will provide 58mm ring. On o this I found a step up ring in one of the Tottenham court road shops that takes it from 58mm to 67mm. The diameter for the VR module. I have to say the Canon adapter is plastic and is not very stable, especially because the VR is quite long. is is about twice the size of the camera body!
It creates these beautiful small world images through the centrical perspective, very much a visualization for the mental map, individual perception topic, but better than the gas advert.
A first test shot from this morning within CASA.

tlSmallWorld_CASA from urbanTick on Vimeo.