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My World Mental Map Pool on flickr – update

The mental map pool on fllickr is very slowly collecting content. It is not like everyone is dying to add a map, but still there are some really good sketches uploaded. On the map it has dots on Europe and North America.
A text map of Dallas by Austrini. It was created for a tourist visiting Dallas and uses words to describe the lines and features literally. Combining the thought and spoken about with the shape and physical form of features.

Dallas Type Map
Image by Austrini

There are some sketches of London commuters traveling in central London using mainly public transport, where the main arteries of transport lines clearly start showing up. On the overall city sketches it is very interesting how the personal focus and experience shows through an information about individual memory is revealed.

Mental Map London
Image by Sung-Hyun Jang from GISplusAR

A cool clip of a map being drawn is put to the pool by Matthew Dance. It is the view of his journey from home to school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, captures with a tablet as he was sketching it. It obviously gives a nice sequence that would speak about how he is remembering the space.

Clip by Matthew Dance from Wiser Path

Just to showcase a few. Hopefully the pool will be growing a lot more and new examples from a lot of different places will be added. Why don’t you add your city sketch and journey sketch NOW?