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Digital Tourist Navigation – teigo

Location based information and urban navigation on the iPhone. A project develop at Gobelins l’Ecole de l’Image as a diploma project by five graduate students, Damien Odet, Myriam Penot, David Miège, Léo Chéron and Adrien Felsmann. It is not sure when it is gona come out but it looks really interesting.
Already graphically it looks beautiful. It is built as a digital guide that gives you location based information in several different layers. The history layer might be particularly interesting. It is a very formal history layer at the moment with information taken from school books. But looking back at the post about virtual notes, an additional layer with user generated short term history could be very interesting. It would enable you to see what the “tourists” last week have spotted, local outsider knowledge could start building up.

Teaser Teigo from Teigo on Vimeo.

This is what the developers say: “Teigo is a new generation urban guide consisting of a mobile phone application, an interactive wall map and an internet site. It offers a cultural and fun way to discover or rediscover a city. The prototype was produced for the city of Paris, but versions for other cities are planned.
To relive the historical events of places you visit, Teigo leads you along thematic itineraries during which you will receive interesting tourist information including places to eat and local events.
Teigo is made for the curious – city dwellers and tourists anxious to discover or rediscover a city. The service is available on several mediums in order to adapt to the largest possible number of users, whether technophiles or not.”