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Protests in Iran Early Map Mashups

Following the election results from last Friday large-scale protests are under way in Iran since the weekend. On BBC journalists guess they are the biggest demonstration since the 1979 revolution. They guess, because journalists are no longer allowed to work and cover stories related to election and protests.
The Government seems to have restricted services on Telephones, SMS and Internet. Protesters and Iranians from all over the world have taken to Twitter to communicate and report on what is happening. Also on youtube the videos documenting scenes and rallies are huge. Twitter has reportedly delayed its maintenance, which would have meant for the site being down during the day for Iranians, as found on ITworld. It appears that Twitter is down in the UK at the moment at 2009-06-16 22h05. This might not mean that it is down in Iran. We’ll hear about it in the news.
It is amazing how quick location based information is generated and within almost the last year it has become normal in the internet to have all the information georeferenced on a map.
Some fist mashups, found on programmableweb and googlemapMania, have emerged others will definitely follow, when the newspapers get round to actually start mapping some information.

A mashup with Twitter mesages by mibazaar click to access

And a mash-up with clips from YouTube by mibazaar click to access

Mashup by 20min.fr click to access

If you know nothing about Iran, the BBC has put together some helpful information, in maps and in text on latest events and in text on historical events.