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The London Tracks

Here is an other image of a collection of tracks recorded over a longer period of time. This time it is London. This record was set up as part of my research for the master thesis.
In this thesis project the focus lay on my personal diary. I wanted to find out, or better visualize the spatial extend of my routines. Although it is a record over a relatively short period of two month, it shows a very clear pattern. It could be described as a bunch of north-south back and forward lines. This is the from and to home respectively, to and from the Bartlett School of Architecture.
There are some occasional trips leaving this pattern. They are very distinct from the everyday pattern and I can still remember most of them quite detailed, although this is two years back. A trip to the Barbican to see the Future City exhibition, the great walk through Hampstead Heath, kicking the ball on a hot day in Regents Park. Those sorts of trips just stand out. This is somehow a different way to memorize spatial activity. The exception stands out from the crowd.

Image by urbanTick – London 2006