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Joe Nafis has produce a great showreal timeLapse focusing on the own the work does for chinatimelpse of course in China. They are based on Shanghai and obviously feature the city prominently, but include some other tuff too, where they experiment with different style and techniques. You wont find the tilt shift missing in here.
Since China is the raising economic county there is a lot activity currently, some of it reflected here. For examples the Expo 2010 and the UK pavilion by Thomas Heatherwick. The in advance much hyped building was discussed controversially after the opening of the exhibition.

UK pavilion Shanghai 2010
Image taken from Thomas Heatherwick / View of the UK pavilion together with the topographies it sits in.

For more of Joe’s great timeLapse stuff visite his vimeo page, where he covers a number of other Asian cities.

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Four steps, picture, four steps, picture, four steps picture, it must have counted him in such a sequence for the ret of the week after Ken Ardito finished his timeLapse ‘Walking’. Exactly 743 times he’s taken a picture after four steps. What’s this thing with four steps?

Not sure but it works and the result is a a lovely stroll through Brooklyn, there is the bridge, some familiar high-rise buildings, a fright ship sails up the river and a ferry arrives. Just the normal day that is.

Slightly whitish in stile it flows in pairs of four, why not? Here you go.

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In a land fa far away three days can be endless. In tokyo the mother of all 24 hour cities this is definitely the case. However if you have time to spare and musse to dive into the endlessness you might as well become one with the place explore every inch.

In ‘Totally Tokyo’ Will Armitage has done exactly this and filled his camera with images on the way. THe result is this great timelapse, a never ending flood of people, building, roads and lights, infrastructure everywhere. A short personal portrait of a city that never sleeps in a far away land.

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A lovely timelapse movie on an all too familiar subject, being on time. This involves sometimes quite an effort to make it thought the wilderness of everyday street life scenes and manage the different modes of transport accordingly.

In this story directed by Tomas Mankovsky the guy does quite a number of stunts to get there. Some more details can be fond on the movie page including some making of shots, to the angles right, testing the frame rates and movement of the actors and of course the casting.

story board
Image taken from Sorry-Im-late.com / The story board, simple but precise, see movie. Click for larger version.

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A short trip to Paris and a great walk around the big name hot spots in the romantic capital of France.
As th etitle ‘Le Flâneur’ suggests, a trip in the tradition of the Situationists around Guy Debord in to the unknown of the city.

It is a project by Luke Shepard, he is a student at The American University of Paris.

Towards the end one escapes the night and crosses over into the day. I guess one of the best scenes ever so far in timelapse with the crossing of the river while traveling from the dark of nigh into the light of day!

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Some catching up with the Small World series produced by Dolphinners Films. It featured HERE earlier with the first three instalments. You might remember the runners in Race or the cuddling couples in Kiss or MyHometown where the shooting actually begann.

Not quite sure where this is taking us but the shooting continues. Actually it turns into a fully grown bloodbath sort of first person shooter or ‘Moorhun‘ style (play HERE).

The series has in the mean time grown to a total of nine instalments. These being Destiny, Sneakers, Finding List – Shopping Center, Finding List – Seoul Sta. and Fireworks.

The last two are now much more engaging with the audience. In the ‘Where is Wally‘ style the aim is to scan the scene and find the guy first. However the urban scenes and everyday setting of a metropolis proofs rather challenging and it requires a quick an sharp eye to pick one person out of the crowd, time is ticking.

Of course the answer is where it gets a bit messy. So take a deep breath ans check out how many you got right.

For more check out the ‘spot the guy’ at Seoul Station clip. First and second one here The series continues with number 9 ‘Fireworks‘ (make sure you watch this one right to the end, nothing is as it seems!).

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It is cold and dark and already January, meaning that we have seen these days for good and need to brake out and enjoy something fresh, something shiny, something joyful.
What better way than going out skiing on the perfect slopes and gliding down the hills finding the rhythm and letting go of anything else than this very moment.

For a perfect day out in the snow on the runs of Belalp, delphi brings a great tilt-shift to the channel. A timelapse capturing the bare essentials of a active winters day.

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The ever changing perspective as we navigate the urban landscape is an important feature influencing the perception and in many ways influences how the space we create as we go along are experienced. It’s not as if the street is existing, but it is renewed every time as a recreation of itself with a specific take.

Buildings feature in this process consciously as a back drop and the immediate focus is put on the objects whizzing about, to avoid potential collisions. The trajectories of these has to be continuously monitored and one’s own path adjusted accordingly. It is a sort of negotiation between the elements that make use of their power to take decisions and with it continuously generate situations.

However, this consuming activity might in the long run is not be the main focus. Unconsciously the main focus might lay on the static frame and the defining elements as parameters of the room for action.

In this beautiful time lapse Theo Tagholm shows an interpretation of this spatiality of places from the perspective of one subject.

As it says in the description “I drift, half awake, half asleep. Moving through the city I recall but have never been to.”
The clip is produced by Theo Tagholm, a video artist. He’s got some other great video work. As linked here earlier with the clip Still Moving.

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The experimenting with the SenseCam over the past summer month was great fun and the various contributors and participants have enjoyed the experience.
We are left with a huge pile of data that needs processing now and besides all the other stuff calling for attention it is sort of a tricky task. In total we snapped over 200’000 still images, that goes together with the data collected with the GPS that we attached to the SensCam. Additionally we of course also have the log files of the cameras own sensors.

To give a preview example of the temperature logged by the TMP sensor of the camera here is a Graph of this summers temperature. It wasn’t too bad, was it this summer?

Image by urbanTick / Temperature curve over the recording period during the summer of 2010, as captured by the SenseCam Revue TMP sensor.

In terms of visualisation one of the main and intense aspect is the image processing and in a temporal sense the animation of this timelapse data makes sense. An earlier preview of some of the captured dat can be found HERE, together with some screen shots.

One of the participants, the artist Kai has also now processed the data she collected during one day of the experiment into a 1 minute clip, showing her every move, covering a mad range of activities. For detailed description and the longlist of different activities visit the artists website at 3rdlifekaidie.

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TimeLapse has been sort of a niche thing with few geeks loving it and producing seductive clips. However these days seem now over and TimeLapse is becoming widely used and much more sophisticated. Different techniques and ways and subjects have been explored and developed, but now technology is moving in. The big shot cameras are getting more widely used and the built in features bring TimeLapse up to speed. However not only in the high end market but across the boards equipment, including post processing is easier accessible and simpler to handle wich makes the difference.

Now also the gadget are becoming more widely used and here we have two examples showing of the potential of motion controle equipment. The shots are very fascinating and truly take this genre to a next level.

The two videos are using different brands of motion controle equipment. The first one is testing a beta Stage Zero Motorized Timelapse Dolly developed by dynamicperception. and the second one is using a drive cam developed by dotgear. However both are still in development, but should be available for pre order.

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