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is an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Calgary in Canada.

He has received his doctorate in urban planning from UCL. His research interest are temporal aspects of the urban environment. His research focuses on the topics of Habitus, Type and Ornament in the sense of Activity, Technology and Memory. He has been a guest critic at the Bartlett School of Architecture, Architecture Association AA, University of Arts London, London Metropolitan University at the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design, the University of Plymouth at the School of Architecture. For his Masters of Science in Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, he was awarded a distinction. He has worked with architecture and urban design practices in the UK and Switzerland as well as on research projects at universities in Switzerland, Germany and the UK. He is the principal author of www.urbantick.org.

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Neuhaus, F., Pro Infirmis, et Al., 2017. Zukunftsweisend umbauen
Hindernisfrei wohnen
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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapters
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Other (selected)
Favre, P. and Neuhaus, F., 2017. Technik gemeinsam begreifen [understanding Technology]. Schulblatt AG/SO.
Neuhaus, F., Ruetz, R. and Roth, L., 2016. Aging – Raum und Wohnen – Altersgerechtes Wohnumfeld und Wohnen: Angebot und Bedarf [Aging – Space and Housing – The Setting for housing and Housing Options: Market and Demand]. Basel: metrobasel, 2016.
Neuhaus, F., Schumacher, Ch. and Selva, L., 2015. Hindernisfreies Wohnen: Mobilisierungspotenzial des Wohngebäudebestandes am Beispiel des Kantons Basel-Stadt [Housing Without Barriers: Potential to Transform the Housing Stock in the Canton of Basel-City as an Example]. Schlussbericht [Final Report], Basel: FHNW.
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Neuhaus, F., 2013. New City Landscape: Mapping Twitter data in urban areas. The Cartographic Journal, 46, pp.25-30.
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Neuhaus, F., 2009c. UrbanDiary – A Tracking Project. CASA Working Paper, 151.

Neuhaus, F., since 2008, ongoing. urbanTick, [blog]. Available at: http://www.urbantick.org

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Conference Presentations and Lectures (Selected)

Neuhaus, F., 19th June 2019. Process Strategies and Design Teaching – the Case for the Matrix. amps: Education, Design and Practice – Understanding skills in a Complex World, 2019-06-17/19, New Jersey, NY. NY: amps.
Neuhaus, F. 23st May 2019. Aging in Place and Urban Planning Practices: Traces of Memory, Peacemaking, and Change – An Urban Portrait Illustrating the Challenges of Communities in Motion. The Ninth International Conference on the Built Environment, 2019-05-23/24, Guimaraes Porto, Portugal. IL: Common Ground.

Neuhaus, F. 21st June 2018. Owning Technology: Education Students Engage with Technology as a Primary School Subject. Twenty-fifth International Conference on Learning, Athens, Greece.
Neuhaus, F., 5th March 2018. Type in Architecture: Technology Beyond the Tool. Twelfth International Conference on Design Principles and Practice, Barcelona, Spain.
Neuhaus, F. 1st March 2018. Technology as a Concept of Design. Fourteenth International Conference on Technology, New York, US.
Neuhaus, F., and Favre, P. 17th January 2018. Die hochschulübergreifende Lehrveranstaltung: Ein Lehrformat mit Zukunft? [Interdisciplinary Teaching Module]. DinNat 10, Brugg, Switzerland.

Neuhaus, F., 12th October 2017. Everyday Movement and Occupation in the Home. Spaces & Flows Eighth International Conference on Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, Hull, United Kingdom.
Neuhaus, F. and Bamberger, M., 14th Sepember 2017. Independent Living for the Elderly: the Role of Architecture. City Health International Conference 2017, Basel, Switzerland.
Neuhaus, F., 27th June 2017. Aktuelle Forschungsthemen am FHNW IArch [current research topics at FHNW IArch]. Metron Raumentwicklung AG, Brugg, Switzerland.
Neuhaus, F., 27th February 2017. Architektur und Technik [architecture and technology]. Forschungskolloquium Naturwissenschafts-, Technik- und Sachunterrichtsdidaktik, FHNW Pädagogische Hochschule, Basel, Switzerland.

Neuhaus, F., 03rd March 2016. Forschungsschwerpunkte in der Architektur [Research topics in Architecture]: Gespräch am Salvisbergtisch mit Fabian Neuhaus. Gespräch am Salvisbergtisch, Architekturforum Solothurn, Touringhaus, Solothurn, Switzerland. News Paper article, 2018-03-07, SZ.

Paisiou, S., and Neuhaus, F., 15th November 2014. Impact of 150 years of regulatory regime in city building stock typology: a case study in the city of Basel. Industries of Architecture (IOA) at Newcastle University, School of Architecture Planning and Landscape. Newcastle, UK.

Neuhaus, F., 22nd November 2013. The Mechanics of Urban Flows: Tracking Inter Urban Connections by Tracking Logistics Services. Spaces of Flow Conference. Amsterdam, NL.
Neuhaus, F., Stark, H.-J., 15th May 2013. KurierT. BBL HABG at FHNW. Muttenz, CH.
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Neuhaus, F., 22th November 2012. City Rhythms: Mapping London’s Social Media Use Patterns. CMS:ZOOM. London, UK.
Neuhaus, F., 11th October 2012. The City in Time and Space: movement pattern and the creation of temporal territories. Spaces and Flows Conference 2012. Detroit, US.
Neuhaus, F., 05th September 2012. Virtual Landscape and a Peak for the London 2012 Olympic Park. Society of Cartographers 48th Annual Conference. London, UK.
Neuhaus, F., 14th March 2012. Using Social Media Data for Research: The Ethical Challenges. Lecture at University of Cambridge, CRASSH.
Neuhaus, F., 26th January 2012. Temporal Aspects of the City. Lecture at University College London, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, MRes Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation.

Neuhaus, F., 07th December 2011. Hic Sunt Dracones: Mapping, what ever. Lecture at University of Lichtenstein, Institute for Architecture and Planning.
Neuhaus, F., 19th November 2011. The City in Time and Space: the individual experience in comparison. Society for American City and Regional Planning History (SACRPH), Baltimore, US.
Neuhaus, F., 13th October 2011. Location Based Social Networks and the Emerging Sense of Place. Second International Conference of Young Urban Researchers 2011. Lisbon, PT.
Neuhaus, F., 11th October 2011. NCL: Tracking Location Based Social Networks Using Twitter Data. 7th Virtual Cities and Territories Conference 2011. Lisbon, PT.
Neuhaus, F., 7th September 2011. New City Landscapes and Virtual Urban Social Networks. CRESC Annual Conference 2011. Manchester, UK.
Neuhaus, F., 1st September 2011. New City Landscape: Mapping urban online spaces of interaction. Royal Geographical Society (RGS) Annual Conference 2011. London, UK.
Neuhaus, F., 20st July 2011. Location Based Social Networking: Tracking Activity in an Urban Environment Using Twitter Data. Geo Computation (GeoCom) 2011. London, UK.
Neuhaus, F., 6th July 2011. New City Landscape: Mapping Urban Activity Using the Social Networking Platform Twitter. At Computer in Urban Planning and Urban Management CUPUM 2011 conference. Lake Louise, CA.
Neuhaus, F. and Webmoor, T., 25th March2011. Massified Research and Visualisation. At Visualisation in the Age of Computerisation. Oxford, UK.
Neuhaus, F. and Gray, S., 2011. Twitter Data: Seeking Spatial Pattern. CASA Seminar, UCL. London.
Neuhaus, F., 22nd February 2011. Urban Memories: Narrative and Time. Lecture, MA Urban Design, the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. London.


Neuhaus F., Dendra D. and Koh I., 2010. AG: Virtual Versus Real. Two week workshop at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, Moscow.
Neuhaus F., 2009. Mapping the Everyday. Workshop at University of Plymouth, Faculty of Art, School of Architecture, Plymouth.

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Research Projects

Third Party Funded Projects
DSM 2019-2021 – Design Studio Matrix: supporting the decision-making process as part of a reflective practice. How can design decision-making become formally student lead and strengthens students’
ownership of their learning?
funding Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning (CAD 40’000), project at UofC, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, CA.

LTH 2017-2020Lehrveranstaltung Technik und Haus [Learning Modules, Building and Technology]. Exploring the relationship between technology and architecture with a focus on the building’s infrastructure and flows.
In collaboration with FHNW PH and FHNW HT
funding PgB MINT Swissuniversities (CHF 250’000), project at FHWN, Institute of Architecture, CH.

BNT 2015-2017 – Begabungsförderung Naturwissenschaft und Technik [Science education for gifted and talented primary school children]. Focusing on architecture. Topic: my house, my neighbourhood, my city discussing, typology, movement and participation in architecture and urban planning.
In collaboration with FHNW PH, HT
funding SI EduNat (CHF 150’000) , project at FHNW, Institute of Architecture, CH.

TPS 2015-2017 – Technische Perspektive Sachunterricht: Hochschultypen-übergreifende Ausbildung von Primarlehrpersonen [Technology as a subject for primary school]. Developing core teaching modules for primary school teachers focusing on technology and architecture for primary school children.
In collaboration with FHNW PH and HT
funding SI EduNat (CHF 125’000) , project at FHNW, Institute of Architecture, CH.

SWA 2015-2016 – Ganzheitliche Lösungsszenarien für selbstbestimmtes Wohnen im
: Potenziale von Technik und Dienstleistungen [Housing the elderly independently in their private homes – scenarios and strategies]. Focusing on housing biographies and living at home using indoor tracking technology and interviews to evaluate the status quo and pinpoint problems and potential for further development.
In collaboration with FHWN APS, HAS and HT.
funding SI Alterung (CHF 160’000) , project at FHWN, Institute of Architecture, CH.

HHB 2015-2016 – Handbuch hindernisfreier Bestand [A Manual: The transformation of the existing building stock to accommodate the needs of disabled people]. Best practice examples representing ‘Design for All’. Fifteen examples from around Switzerland.
funding Pro Infirmis (CHF 250’000), project at FHNW, Institute of Architecture, CH.

AMB 2015-2016 – Aging Metro Basel : Infrastrukturen Bauen und Wohnen [Housing stock of the metropolitan region of Basel, Switzerland and the potential for housing the elderly individually and independent in their own private homes]. Focusing on building periods and typology
In collaboration with metroBasel and Wüest&Partner
funding FHNW (CHF 30’000) , project at FHWN, Institute of Architecture, CH.

DSE 2014-2016 – Kompetenznetzwerk: Neue Verfahren für die demokratische Stadtentwicklung [eTools for collaborative urban planning].
Project development, lead of project part “inventory”
In collaboration with FHNW HAS, APS, HSW
funded by BREF (CHF 299’00), project based at FHWN, Institute of Architecture, CH.

MWB 2013-2015 – Mobilisierung des Wohngebäudebestandes am Beispiel des Kantons Basel-Stadt [Building Stock Mobility Basel]. The usability and transformation of building types across large urban areas in time and potentials for adaptation if being renovated.
Funding Pro Infirmis, Kanton Basel-Stadt, Bundesamt für Wohnungswesen, and others (CHF 270’000), project at FHNW, Institute of Architecture, CH.

SUU 2012-2013 – SI SchulUmbau [School building typologies in the North-Western-Region of Switzerland]. Project development and project researcher.
Project in collaboration with the FHNW Institute of Pedagogy and FHNW Institute of Psychology.
funding SI FHNW (CHF 150’000), project at FHNW, IArch, CH.

Other research Projects
TBP 2013-2014 – Typology, Benchmark and Process in the context of architectural practice, project development/lead and research
Funding UCL Advances in collaboration with SpaceLab London.
Project based at UCL, CASA, UK.

KurierT 2012-2013 – GPS tracking of bike couriers in the city of Basel, Switzerland. Project in collaboration with FHNW Institute of Geomatics.
Project based at FHNW, Institute Architecture, CH.

NCL 2010-2013 – New City Landscape. Digital social network based analysis of Twitter data regarding activity and mobility in cities and regions around the world.
Project based at CASA, UCL, UK

UrbanDiary 2008-2013 – Habitus in space and time. Tracking project using GPS technology, interview and mental map methods to investigate personal spatial activities in urban environments.
Project is based at CASA, UCL, UK

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at the University of Calgary, EVDS
2018 – current Master students in planning MPLAN
Example terms:
2018 fall – Design Studio Portland with field trip to Portland.

at the Institute of Architecture, FHNW
2011 – 2018 Master students year 4 and 5 with Prof. Luca Selva, Prof. Matthias Ackermann, Prof. Susanne Vécsey
Example terms:
2011 – Am Ring with field trip to Vienna.
2013 – RheinInsel with field trip to Rotterdam.
2014 – Dreiländer 3 Hochhäuser with field trip to Berlin.
2016 – Einfach with field trip along the river Rhine between Basel and Cologne

at HSLU Lucern University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Informatik, CAS digital Business Innovation
2016-2018 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
2008 – 2009 – MA Urban Design with Prof. Colin Fournier on London – Sustainable urban design in the London context.

at the School of Architecture, University of Plymouth
2007 – 2008 – BA year 3, with Prof. Jeremy Gould and MA year 5, with Prof. Bob Brown.

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Roles and Membership

SIA Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (Schweizerische Ingenieur- und Architektenverein)

Advisory Editor with Springer for the Urban Books Series

Honorary Research Associate at University College London UCL, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis CASA

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PhD Urban Planning 2008-2013 (Dr)
University College London (UCL), United Kingdom.
Thesis title Urban Rhythms: Habitus and Emergent Spatio-Temporal Dimensions of the City. Published by Springer 2015 as Spatio-temporal Dimensions of the City: Urban Rhythm.
Supervisors Prof. Dr Mike Batty and Prof. Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith.

Master of Arts Architecture 2006-2007 (MA)
University of Applied Science Basel, Switzerland.
Thesis Am Ring , an investigation of the history of an urban axis.
Design Project Ambassador, a mixed use high-rise building type. Supervisors Prof. Reto Pfenninger and Prof. Luca Selva.

Master of Science Urban Design with Distinction 2005-2006 (MSc)
the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, United Kingdom.
Thesis Cycles in Urban Environments.
Design Project ArKwAy, a floating City in the Thames Estuary (jafud). Thesis Report published as Cycles in Urban Environments: Investigating Temporal Rhythms
Supervisors Prof. Colin Fournier, Olaf Kneer, Jonathan Kendal.

Diploma Architect FH 2000-2004 (FH)
University of Applied Science Basel (FHBB), Basel, Switzerland.
Thesis and design project Wohnen in der Stadt (WiDs).
Supervisors Prof. Luca Selva and Prof. Annette Spirou.

Diploma as Draftsman 1996-2000
Gewerblichindustrielle Berufsschule Solothurn GIBS, Solothurn/Olten, Switzerland
Architekturbüro H. Sperisen, Solothurn, Switzerland

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2018-current Assistant Professor University of Calgary, Faculty of Environmental Design.

2013-2018 Senior Researcher (permanent) University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Institute of Architecture.

2013-2014 Researcher University College London UCL, CASA, Knowledge Exchange Associate with UCL Advances.

2011-2013 Researcher University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Institute of Architecture.

2010 Urban Designer CMK Caspar Mueller Kneer Architects, London, UK.

2008-2009 Unit Tutor University College London UCL, The Bartlett School of Architecture, Urban Design MA.

2008-2009 Urban Designer LHC Lacey Hickey Caley, Plymouth/Exeter, UK.

2007-2008 Design Studio Tutor University of Plymouth, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Architecture.

2004-2005 Architect Beatrice Bayer Architekten, Basel, Switzerland.

2003 Researcher University of Karlsruhe, Institut für industrielle Bauproduktion (ifib), with Prof. Dr Kohler

2000 Draftsman Guido Kummer Architekten, Solothurn, Switzerland.