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New City Landscape – Mapping Urban Twitter Usage

I am at CUPUM presenting a paper on the ongoing New City Landscape location based Twitter message mapping project. The paper gives an overview of a whole range of aspects this project is working with. Rangin from data collection, ethical discussion of ‘tweets as public data’, mapping the virtual landscapes, to temporal aspects.

Lake Louise Postcard
Image taken form Attic Postcards / Vintage postcard, dating ‘White Border’ 1915 – 1930, showing the Chateau Lake Louise on the shores of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.

The presentation also gives a brief outlook of what the upcoming directions for the project could be. Earlier there were a number of these directions presented on urbanTick. This ranges from crowd sourcing to the tracking of public events or disaster as well as networking, connecting social and spatial aspects.

Some of these are currently being details and for other development of methods is under way. Recently the networking aspects were in the focus. There were network maps based on the London data, but also the Munich data and the San Francisco data. Most recently there were some visuals looking at intercity relationships using a data set that contains tweets for Switzerland were the alps as physical barriers showed up clearly in the network.

The presentation can be found below or on Prezi.org.