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Barcelona New City Landscape

Barcelona is in terms of twitter activity one of the cities that has a strong central core of high activity. Very similar to for example the London NCL or the Paris NCL maps.
The highest point is just over the Placa de Catalonia with a steep slope down la Rambla to the Roca Columbus. Other places of high activity are around the parliament, here the ‘Monte di Parliament Catalonia’ and around the Olympic centre on Montjuic.

Barcelona New City Landscape
Image by urbanTick for NCL / Barcelona New City Landscape map generated from location based tweets collected over the period of one week. The area covered is within a 30 km radius of Barcelona.

The Barcelona New City Landscape map has already been published earlier, but it needed an update because of some problems in the processing and labeling. This new version also goes in line with the adjusted layout and design.

Thanks for the help with the map go to Narcis Sastre, who kindly worked it through.

Barcelona New City Landscape

Image by urbanTick using the GMap Image Cutter / Barcelona New City Landscape Use the Google Maps style zoom function in the top right corner to zoom into the map and explore it in detail. Explore areas you know close up and find new locations you have never heard of. Click HERE for a full screen view. The maps were created using our CASA Tweet-O-Meter, in association with DigitalUrban and coded by Steven Gray, this New City Landscape represents location based twitter activity.

Barcelona is very active in the afternoon hours. There is a peak around 15h00, 18h00 and 21h00, after which it quickly drops off. The mornings are very pronounced right after six, however overall far less than the afternoon. Over lunch there is clearly a dip with lesser activity.

Spanish is clearly the dominating language, followed by English. Indonesian, French, Portuguese and Italian are sort of the runner ups. ALso Esperanto is there, this is surprisingly often present in the top ten list and it seems that a lot of people are using it as a statement, since it is not really a spoken language.

Barcelona timeRose
Image by urbanTick for NCL / The rose shows the twitter activity per hour of the day, starting at 00:00 at the top, displayed as local time. Barcelona is a afternoon city with more activity between three and nine than through out the rest of the day. The graphs show the platform of preference used to send the tweet and the language set respectively.

Also, we have the animation ready for the Barcelona data set. This one is put together in collaboration with Anders Johanson. The animation also shows the interaction between the users based on RT and @ tweets with thin yellow lines. This indicates a direction and provides a sense for the distribution of flows.

  1. Bill Chapman says: 2011-07-2206:32

    I hope you'll allow me to correct you on the use of Esperanto by people who twitter. Esperanto is indeed a spoken language, and it is not surprising that it finds its place on Twitter.

    As languages go, Esperanto is relatively young (125 years old next year). We're going to hear a lot more about it.

  2. admin_urbantick says: 2011-07-2209:08

    Bill, thanks for bringing this up. I think its an interesting point. Your right its a spoken language, but I guess what I was trying to say is that its not very common. I had a quick look on wikipedia an the estimated numbers of people who actively speak the language fluently are very low, some 100'000 maybe.
    I also agree with you that its not surprising that it appears on Twitter, I will have a look at the source data to see if those users actually write in Esperanto.

  3. admin_urbantick says: 2011-07-2210:00

    It seems that at least 50 % of the messages indicated to be EO are actually in some other language. But I guess for a detailed analysis an EO expert would be required.

  4. Miquel says: 2011-07-2217:12

    Where is the catalan language in this study? Catalan is a widely spoken language in Barcelona and surprisingly this study has completely ignored it, I bet the tweets in catalan are as many as the ones in spanish if not more

  5. admin_urbantick says: 2011-07-2219:36

    Miguel, interesting point. I am wondering myself. Catalan as in the iso code 'ca' does not feature in the list of language I have in the Twitter dataset. Those in the chart are the top ten of a total of 23 different languages that I have in. I am taking his not from the actual message, but from the meta data detail provides through the Twitter API.
    So, I am wondering, if there is at ll an option to chose Catalan as a the default language of the individual Twitter profile? Any experience with this?

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