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— urbantick

Lima Crossroad

A nice timelapse bringing a three hour observation down to a gripping two minutes. It features on ly one scene, but the intensity of the cross road in view is quite fascinating. There is a vague eb and flow rhythm to it as a result of the stop and go traffic.

Besides the car traffic there is quite a lot of pedestrian movement along the side, across the roads, at the bus stop and around the phone box. The blue phone box is actually the very centre of the scene and serves for many additional functions. There are two guys using it to phone someone, but it also serves very well for leaning on.

The clip was shot by JustOneArtist using the Nokia N8 CameraPro App. It loos a bit clunky from the interface, but as you can see delivers great quality results. You can watch it ful screen in HD. JustOneArtist used a setting of every 3 sec. for 3 hours to take pictures. He also used After Effects to get the tilt shift effect in and add the sound.