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iPhone Dot View- Capture the CIty Around You

The guys at kogeto are experts for panoramic videos captured using the a 360 mirror lens. The current high end product, Lucy, is widely used in education and science. The company now bring out a mini version for the iPhone allowing for panoramic video capturing in stunning quality on the gadget of choice.

kogeto Dot
Image taken from mobiles-actus / The kogeto Dot 360 panoramic lens kit attached to the iPhone 4.

This is especially exciting since there were earlier on urbanTick some panoramic imaging articles using the 360 lens for normal sized cameras mainly for timeLapse projects like the London Small World. Back then we use the 360 VR.

The panoramic imaging stuff at large cale was definitely being introduced to a wider audience via the Google Street View and brought to people by the GOogle StreetCars. However they still use a number of cameras on the car roof, as doo most of the panoramic image capturing projects such as Nokia and some London Borroughs.

kogeto Dot
Image taken from designboom / The kogeto Dot 360 panoramic lens kit attached to the iPhone 4.

The real peoples gadgets were the GigaPans using the GigaPan platform to share the panoramic images. For moving into panoramic images there have been for a long time only very few, very specialised and expensive systems. Google tested it, but also Microsoft has some projects running in their research labs for it to be used for in-car navigation and driving directions. After the success of Google Street View on and off the streets, other companies set about to deliver the same as 360 panoramic videos. They asre mainly targeting tourist destinations.

Video by Christian Mazza / For the interactive version, ‘A walk through Soho in New York while they are filming Men in Black 3’, playing in the original video player please, please click HERE.

To have it not as a gadget fot he gadget and be able to shoot panoramic videos on the iPhone on the go it fantastic. This is really taking the technology a step further and making it accessible for a wider user group.

The Dot clips on directly to the iPhone 4 via a semi iPhone case and is ready to go. kogeto ships the lens together with a software that wil automatically unwrap the image and display it interactively on the iPhone screen so that you can pan around as you record. However, the lens of course also works with the normal camera app or any other timeLapse app for example. The unwrapping however has in those cases to be done in postproduction.

kogeto Dot
Image taken from mashkulture / The kogeto Dot 360 panoramic lens kit attached to the iPhone 4.

The product should be ready this summer at kogeto they are working hard at geting the stuff out. They are using KickStarter to fund the project and have been extremely successfull and already high above the targeted funding sum. However you can still becone one of the funders of the project and for $98 you will be the first to get a Dot for your beloved iPhone.

Video by kogeto / The promotion clip for the Dot.

Via MashKulture.net