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China From China

Joe Nafis has produce a great showreal timeLapse focusing on the own the work does for chinatimelpse of course in China. They are based on Shanghai and obviously feature the city prominently, but include some other tuff too, where they experiment with different style and techniques. You wont find the tilt shift missing in here.
Since China is the raising economic county there is a lot activity currently, some of it reflected here. For examples the Expo 2010 and the UK pavilion by Thomas Heatherwick. The in advance much hyped building was discussed controversially after the opening of the exhibition.

UK pavilion Shanghai 2010
Image taken from Thomas Heatherwick / View of the UK pavilion together with the topographies it sits in.

For more of Joe’s great timeLapse stuff visite his vimeo page, where he covers a number of other Asian cities.