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Small World – the Shooting Continues

Some catching up with the Small World series produced by Dolphinners Films. It featured HERE earlier with the first three instalments. You might remember the runners in Race or the cuddling couples in Kiss or MyHometown where the shooting actually begann.

Not quite sure where this is taking us but the shooting continues. Actually it turns into a fully grown bloodbath sort of first person shooter or ‘Moorhun‘ style (play HERE).

The series has in the mean time grown to a total of nine instalments. These being Destiny, Sneakers, Finding List – Shopping Center, Finding List – Seoul Sta. and Fireworks.

The last two are now much more engaging with the audience. In the ‘Where is Wally‘ style the aim is to scan the scene and find the guy first. However the urban scenes and everyday setting of a metropolis proofs rather challenging and it requires a quick an sharp eye to pick one person out of the crowd, time is ticking.

Of course the answer is where it gets a bit messy. So take a deep breath ans check out how many you got right.

For more check out the ‘spot the guy’ at Seoul Station clip. First and second one here The series continues with number 9 ‘Fireworks‘ (make sure you watch this one right to the end, nothing is as it seems!).