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Mood Mapping – How do you Feel Today?

‘How are you?’ a phrase used constantly at meeting someone. Rarely the response is anything other than a ‘fine’. The relationship between location or activity and mood has been subject for lots of research projects, for example the early mental maps by Peter Gould and Rodney White of desired locations to life, Christian Nold’s BioMapping or Sorin Matei’s Maps of Los Angeles spaces.
With the Glow iPhone app the latest persona mood is georeferenced and contributes to a location based mood map. It offeres a palett of features, leaving the actual mood meter bit almost behind. Anyway, what you get is a map, a AR view window and a bunch of sharing options, including twitter and facebook.
The mood is then visualised with an outwards fading blob of glowing reds, purples and blues. Looks neat and makes you feel almost a bit better.
To see the map you first have to contribute your current mood status. The AR looks particularly promising with its superimposed colour schema.
Check it out and add your moods to the cloud, the app is free.

Image by urbanTick / Screen shots from the mood app GLOW for the iPhone. Location based sharing of your current mood.