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TimeLapse Urban History – the Growth of Charlotte NC

The artist Rob Carter has put together a amazing visualisation of the growth of a urban metropolis. With a number of sheets and cutouts he takes us through the history. This is depicting the growth of Charlotte, North Carolina. He describes the projects on his page as: “Metropolis is a quirky and very abridged narrative history of the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. It uses stop motion video animation to physically manipulate aerial still images of the city (both real and fictional), creating a landscape in constant motion. Starting around 1755 on a Native American trading path, the viewer is presented with the building of the first house in Charlotte. From there we see the town develop through the historic dismissal of the English, to the prosperity made by the discovery of gold and the subsequent roots of the building of the multitude of churches that the city is famous for. Now the landscape turns white with cotton, and the modern city is ‘born’, with a more detailed re-creation of the economic boom and surprising architectural transformation that has occurred in the past 20 years.”
And actually it is not only talking about history of course there is a future scenario involved. Something we might wish to some cities, but not to others, references we all have. But if the vulcanos on small Island continue to burb ashes into the sky, especially if Eyjafjallajokull’s bigger brother decides it is time, not only the airspace over Europe, but some real cities might be covered in vulcano ashes knee deep. Note sure what the MET predicts regarding this, but they most likely have a model for it. After all they have to keep their £33m supercomputer busy.

Full version can be seen HERE, on the artist’s website. Found via brandavenue.