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— urbantick

The Simpsons Have a GPS

This is something one could predict from the start. They hade to bring this joke into the Simpsons TV series and now they have, or better had, a GPS navigation system for their car. And yes driving the kids to school is quit difficult and definitely requires a friendly assistant’s voice to guide one through the horrible traffic on the streets of Springfield. I particularly like the line “decrease elevation ten feet, then turn left!” Funny enough the GPS is capable of switching between imperial and metric system on the fly, not bad!

Found via MapRoom, GPStracklog, waze at gawker.

And by the way, TomTom offers a Homer Simpson voice over for your own inCar navigation system. Just make sure you don’t get distracted by it and swirl off across a building site. Also don’t forget to bring the calculator for the conversion on the fly.
Visit www.tomtom.com/simpsons, the voice skin is available to download now for £7.95 or 9.95 euros. A snipet can be heard here: