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Space Flight and Clouds of Tweets

The recent Twitter data for one London Weekend has been re-rendered as a clip by DigitalUrban. Earlier version can be found HERE.
It is the same data with 60,000 geo referenced Tweets in London over a weekend from Friday evening to Monday morning. This visual is now also using the new navigation tool, the 3D Connextion ‘Space Navigator’, a pretty awesome tool for navigation in Google Earth for example.

CLip by DigitalUrban and Music – ‘Social Awkwardness‘ by Xanthe over on unsigned bands.

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  1. CrisisMaven says: 2010-03-0913:48

    What an intriguing site! Will feature in my Data Visualisation References resource list, aspiring to be the most comprehensive on the net. (Will be updated a little later today, please be patient.) If you miss anything that I might be able to find for you or if you yourself want to share a resource, please leave a comment.

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