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Book – urbanTick Temporal Urban – Preview

The first year of blogging is soon gona be available as a bound print. The publication will be ‘urbanTick Temporal Urban’.
The book is very much about the literal meaning of the title, about the ticking of the urban, the urban as we experience it everyday on the bus, in the park or between buildings. It is about the big orchestrated mass migration of commuters, the seasonal blossoms of the trees along the walkway and the frequency of the stamping rubbish-eater-trucks. It is also not to forget, about climate, infrastructure, opening hours, term times, parking meters, time tables, growing shadows and moon light. But most of all it is about how all this is experienced by citizens on a daily basis and how they navigate within this complex structure of patterns.
The content of this book is based on the content of the urbanTick blog between 2008-10 and 2009-10. One year or blogging about this topic brought together a large collection of different aspects and thoughts. It is not at all a conclusive view, the opposite might be through, it is an explorative work in progress, while trying to capture as many facets of the topic as possible.
For this publication the written content has be structured under seven topics that appear here as chapters and the text has been reduced towards a continuos content.
Each chapter is lead in by an essay, each written by an academic or professional with a specific interest and expertise in the particular topic. It will set the scene to the topic and beyond.
The book is illustrated with 400 tiny graphics in black and white. The content is full indexed to find tags easily. References and links in the text are fully ported and are directly accessible through the blog, so no tedious typing here.

Contributors: Sandra Abegglen, Matthew Dance, Jeff Ho, Ana Rebelo, Luis Suarez, Zahra Azizi

The preview below is really only a preview. Intro and outro are more or less complete, each chapter is only present with the first page of each section. But it should give you an idea of what the book will be like.