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Tweet-O-Meter – the Tweeting Habit of Cities

One of the twitter tool under development here at CASA is the TweetOMeter, currently in beta, coming soon. All it does is measuring and visualising the amount of tweets sent around different cities. Currently it is New York, London, Paris and Munich. This is a mini hint at the late seventies hit ‘NewYork, London, Paris, Munich everybody talk about Pop Musik’ by the group M.
So what are people talking talking about in 2010 in these cities?

Currently in beta mode the TweetOMeter updates every 10 seconds displaying the city with the highest number of Tweets, the logged 24 hour period will be announced next week. Once logged we will be able to make city maps showing the Tweet activity over time and space, the system will be launched as part of a free data collection service via NeISS in the next couple of months.
Tweet-o-Meter is designed to mine data for later analysis relating to furthering our understanding of social and temporal dynamics for e-Social Science within the Twitter demographic. It is under development at CASA, University College London as part of a wider survey tool as part of the NeISS project in association with UrbanTick and Digital Urban, code by Steven Gray.
One of the main interests will be the temporal user pattern contained in the data. Twitter offers a great platform to look into details of the urbanNarrative quite literally. The aim will be to map the development of the narrative in the spatial context and integrating it with the social network.

Click on the image below to view NewYork, London, Paris, Munich via TweetOMeter and if your in one of those cities and want to take part, simply make sure you have geolocation turned on in your Twitter preferences.

Image by urbanTick / Schreenshot