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— urbantick

Real Long TimeLapse

Fondness of timeLapse clips is kind of obvious on the blog by now. If they are tilt-shift even more so and if their looooooong it’s the ultimate clip! The promo clip on the uniqlo page ticks all these boxes. It’s go a good, nearly annoying soundtrack too, but most amazingly it goes on for ever, surprising you with new scenes. I have to confess, that I was only last week for the first time in a UNIQLO shop on Oxford Street here in London. It is all about colours, simple clothes, but a colourful rang. Same is the timeLapse, all of the sequences are either shot with a filter or adjusted while processing. It makes or a perfect fit with the company branding. This is nothing like youtube or even vimeo. This is real long, ENJOY!

Images by urbanTick / schreenshots taken from uniclo website showing four scenes. Click on image for the real thing.

My favourite scene is this one, but actually I am not sure if I have seen the whole thing…

Image by urbanTick / schreenshot taken from uniclo website showing one scenes. Click on image for the real thing.