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Indoor Tracking

Tracking movement of individuals in the urban environment is one of the elements of the UrbanDiary project run by urbanTick. However we re here interested in any sort of tracking and this ranges from tracking animals to climate change and planets. For the UD project GPS technology is used and this works fine. However it would not work indoors and as one of the first participants quickly pointed out, we actually spend quite a lot of time indoors. Take a normal working day and your likely to spend a bout three hours commuting an the rest your indoors, office, shop, restaurant or church.
At the same time however, you’re not likely to move very far inside. From the desk to the coffee machine or the printer and maybe from one floor to another. Nevertheless it can be quite a lot of movement over the day, depending on the job and the task.
So indoor tracking might be of some interest. And it actually exists as a commercial branch. It is of special interest to commercial and retail operators, like shopping malls for example. We featured a product HERE, that was based on mobile phone signals.
However the company timeDomain offers a range of products offering a similar tracking service. TD provides tag based tracking products, but also tracking without tags. This tag-less product is demonstrated in a video HERE and it seems to work stunningly well, even with a number of subjects in the same perimeter. Tag based products can be used in a number of settings and are mainly promoted for retail. Here trolleys or even individual goods, such as cloths can be tagged. Flash demo HERE, and a video demo HERE.

Image by timeDomain – illustrating usage of the Plus