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The Snail on the Slope – a Narrative in Structures and Lines

Image by tadar

The narrative is currently a big topic in the construction of my research project. The creation of the narrative through activity as a constant process, currently guides the conception of the study. The idea really is to get to grips with the creation of time and space as temporal phenomena. If we employ the narrative as the structural element this might become possible.
This has to be seen in the context of the urbanDiary tracking project and the time-space aquarium as the approach in time geography. The narrative here describes the time-space aquarium as a whole, containing similar trajectories. But since a number of narratives can fit in to a story it allows for the combination of multiple time-space aquariums with different time and space parameters.
The narrative in a sense is purely structural and simply describing the way the body of content is organised. It is organised along an inner coherency.
As a visualisation of the concept ‘the snail on the slope’ is very interesting, since it works with a strong focus on the form aspect of the narrative. The movie is actually based on a novel and the sequences of processes are generate for each chapter. THe novel was initially written by the Strugatsky brothers. FOr the visualisation processing was use.

The Snail on the Slope from tadar on Vimeo.