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Conference and Update on Digital Architecture

I will be in Newcastle on Monday at a seminar on ”exploring the temporal and spatial ordering of daily life“ in Newcastle. It is the fifth seminar of a series organized by ESRC. Details can be found here.
I am hoping to blog some content during the day on what has been discussed.

The previous post on the exhibition “Hinterland“ featuring digital project by architecture students. The exhibition is now open on the ground floor of the new ARUP building at 8 Fitzroy Street in London. It is a rather small exhibition but with some brilliant work on display. There are also a few videos and animations of great quality. I really liked the models best. My favorite is the map book with the strange object spreading across it.

Image by urbanTick – Project by Johan Voordouw

Image by urbanTick – Project by Johan Voordouw – the structure actually enters into the books and cutouts reveal maps underneath

It is definitely worth going a long to the exhibition to see what has been produced at the London schools over the past years.
The exhibition goes along with a conference that will take place tomorrow, see earlier post.