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Time Passes in Photography

The book Ortszeit – Local time featured on the blog earlier as a method to investigate the passing of time. Time over a long period is really difficult to document and photography is just one of them, but probably the most widely used.
A similar effect achieves Danny Wills with his photographs. In this case it is not a direct comparison between two photographs taken at the same place at different times as in Ortszeit. Rather it is relying on the individual memory people have of something.

Image by Fantom – Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeeley

The photographs are about Mike Tyson, more exactly about one of his abandoned house. A lot of people know Mike Tyson as the boxer shown above. A public celebrity with its ups and downs in his career. He has finally retired in 2005 after his comeback in 1995. He spent some time in prison and once bit an opponent’s ear of during a fight. Those are the events you might remember.
There is more to his live of course and there is a lot more time to it than just these highlights. From time to time Tyson is again in the news. Earlier this year he promoted the movie about his life, at one point there was the sad death of one of his young children in the newspaper.
Danny Wills does not show any images of Tyson but rather pictures of one of his houses. It appears do be empty now but still has some of its glory. It speaks of a different time, a time Tyson was on top of his career maybe. It also speaks of the time Tyson was not in front of cameras, the time we don’t really know what he was doing. Maybe there was some “real life” time in between the events?




Images by Danny Wils – Mike Tyson

Head over to Danny’s really nice page to see a lot more photographs of Mike Tyson’s villa.