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Brightkite goes Augmented Reality

Brightkite has something to offer. This was already clear after last weeks post about the service. But there is more coming! Only two days ago they have posted a preview of their next step. As you might guess it is AR based, but it looks brilliant and, get at least me very excited.
To see all the posts on top of the real world through the lens of the camera phone will be a brilliant use of the technology. You could call it state of the art. A lot of services have been announced lately, but this will take social networking on a next level. At the moment unfortunately it is only Android based, but should soon come to the iPhone too. It looks like the revamp has also brought along some more colours and hopefully an extended length of messages, was a bit limited so far. Have a look at the clip.

Brightkite Augmented Reality from Brightkite on Vimeo.

We just need A LOT more people here in London to use it to make it a lot of fun! So get your iPhones and Androids out and start using Brightkite to generate some content for this AR application!
They have teamed up with Layar for the AR stuff. The company has just release an API for their AR browser. This has opened the competition to become the AR browser of choice, as there are other companies in the same market. At the moment it is Layar and Wikitude, you guessed it, a Wikipedia project, but soon other companies will make theyr own API available. One of the will be Mobilizy, sheduled for next week.
Layar has the potential to become a major player, as there is already a lot of content available. Check their blog for examples and pretty clips.

Found trough GPSObsessed.com and Vimeo.