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Animal Tracking – Track Your Dog

Animals have featured on the blog before, in the area of tracking. It was about Frogs / Frogs, Birds, Ants / Ants, Dogs and Cats. This time it is about dogs again. Purely in a technological sense of tracking of course. About the breed of GPS dog tracking devices.
The new model developed by RomaEO has featured on several news sites in the past few days. It comes with a central device and collar as a sender. With the central device the collar is recorded. A maximum of two collars can be tracked at the same time.
The spatial limitation is 3 Miles. So for hunting a good distance, if you are more sort of a leisure dog type and your dog is not well trained and often runs off, this might not be enough. The device is “tracking” the pet as it is called in the description, but I doubt that it actually records these tracks. This is not mentioned anywhere in the description.

Image by RomEO

It comes at quite a price. The basic set of handheld and one collar costs about $280.00 and an additional collar is again $160.00. It is currently only sold within the United States because of radio frequency issues.
The company has a range of products for dog (pet) owners. They even showcase a, presumably (telling from the images), iPhone based software for pet tracking. We are looking forward to hear more about this.

Comparable tracking system by Garmin is the Astro 220. It can track up to TEN! dogs (animals) at the same time. The downside ere s that the collar transmits only up to every fie seconds. If you have a hunting dog, five seconds can be quite a distance. It does track the pack up to seven miles (depending a bit on terrain). It is also priced in a different liga at $500.00

Images by Garmin

So to conclude, the RomaEO is some everyday product for the general public, make some money, leaving some responsibility to technology type. You might find it fun for a couple of hours, but it probably wears out.
The Garmin Astra on the other hand is a hardcore outdoor gadget for the serious user. It is extendable, durable and costs a lot.

There is a whole market out there for the cheap pet tracking products and these companies are puling all the triggers to convince people they might need this and will be able to use it. Companies like Zoombak offer the whole range of tracking from pet, to kids, to partner. That is a service. If you are more in for the silly side of all this tracking this add might be for you.