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UCL Grand Challenges – Sustainable Cities

UCL Grand Challenges is part of the UCL Research Strategy. UCL has identified of interdisciplinary importance and where new partnerships can deliver novel achievements. The four identified areas are: Sustainable Cities, Global Health, Intercultural Interaction and Human Wellbeing.
Palette is the new magazine to bring together and document the work at UCL related to Sustainable Cities. The inaugural issue of Palette has just been printed and UrbanTick features with a short article in section 5 on page 6.
The magazine builds on five sections. Progress reports current activities on the topic that UCL is involved in. Portfolio is a showcase for images produces in the context of research at UCL, perspective is the section for theories and thoughts of leading UCL academics, pages is about publications in this area and the section participation is a bout forthcoming activities.
CASA features with two more articles in this edition, one is by Mike Batty, “How big can a city get?” and there is also a book review on Andrew Hudson-Smith’s “Digital Geography”.
This first issue of the magazine can be downloaded on the Sustainable Cities homepage or here as a 9MB pdf file.

Image The Grand Challenges