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London Day

I have been out with the cameras last week to capture some of the daily motion of the city. The result is a massive amount of pictures and a time laps movie. Taking time laps pictures all day long can seem boring, but actually it was rather interesting. I was using three cameras, a Canon G9 with a ChDK script to allow automated capturing and two iPhones with the timeLapse application installed. This setting already kept me busy looking after the three cameras in the public realm. But I guess more interesting was for once just to stand there and watch the scenery unfold and develop. Usually we are in a hurry and going form A to B, where B is the focus. Very seldom we are strolling and enjoying the moment. While doing this I had some time to just look at the places and the events and I never felt bored. I have to admit, that I went to some very exciting places. One location is around Waterloo Bridge and the London Eye and an other one is St. Paul’s Cathedral. Both are busy places and offer great views. But both places are windy and a great lesson on time lapse photography is, always bring a raincoat. At the location you’re standing it is always gona be windy and in the case of London (for once) it will be raining sooner or later. The point is you don’t wanna miss out on these dramatic clouds moving across the sky as they poor the rain over the city.

London Day from urbanTick on Vimeo.

music Summer Hill by DANGSTA on akmusicvideo.com
And apparently there is a real story board to the movie above…