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Some 10’000 visitors on urban tick… over actually.graph_24H-totalAll_090713.eJtH2Njs7vho.jpg
Image by UrbanTick

UrbanTick has become more popular and from 5’000 visits in just two month the 10’000 visitors mark was reached. I have to confess, that I have done a lot more promotion for the blog during this time, including writing more regular posts. I am aiming at one post a day, not strict but more or less.
The graphs look a bit different this time. I merged all three graphs into one. Looks better and is more complicated to read. So for those who’d rather have it in short, the data it self has changed. There is a much bigger peach over lunch now. The big peak at noon is largely influenced by I a one off event, where the blog hat over 160 hits within one hour. At least this shows the record from sitemeter. I cannot remember having seen this, but there you are. This also brings the Tuesday high up, although Wednesday remains the most popular day. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are within 100 visitors the leading days of the week. The weekend is pretty low compared to the weekdays, less than half the visitors. During the course of the day, it is the morning for European visitors and after four for the US visitors.

I usually used this post to talk about the direction the research will be going in the next few month, but this time the period was so short, I have hardly started the stuff I proposed last time. So, the direction will stay the same, towards a city of body experience.
And a note about the blog, I have lost the comment link in the html of my site at some point. Sorry about that, I will try to put it back anytime soon, as I am very interested to hear about your comments!