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36h city – projection

A beautiful clip documenting a video installation about the city. 36h city is multi layered, but also a multi dimensional projection merging different aspects of the city in order to paint a more comprehensive picture. The very interesting point here is how time can be integrated in a spatial representation. The narrative is simple and only concerned with the city but very complex on how it can be told.
This work was produced by dottodot as a design for an exhibition. They where using only one projector for this and it was put together in a software called vvvv.

Lea 36h City Projection from Ankit Shekhawat on Vimeo.

And just because this is so beautiful, I put in a second clip from the same producers using the same technique. This time it is built around a hotel room.

lea ceramiche 36H hotel scenario 3d projection from dotdotdot on Vimeo.

dottodot have also produced lots of other nice interactive exhibition designs such a SkyWalker or Valcucine’s skyscraper.