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Just landed – Global Movement Using Twitter

Queen_Btch: just landed in London heading to the pub for a drink then im of to bed…so tired who knew hooking up on an airplane would be so tiring =S
jvirgin: Just landed in Maui and I feel better already … Four days here then off to vegas
jchecrothers: Just landed in Dakar, Senegal… Another 9 hours n I’ll be in South Africa two entire days after I left … Doodles

Just landed… twitter tweets like this are sent out to let the world know what one is doing. Previously the Phrase was I’ll call you mum, when I‘m there…
Tweets with this phrase have been used in project by blprnt, to map global movement. Simply by searching the twitter posts and combining them with the home location from this persons twitter home page the path are generated. It is done by using the twitter API and MetaCarta for lat / long information. To put everything together processing is used.
The result is very intuitive and beautiful, global movement is this simple. It turns out that there is a lot of movement from the United States in this animation and this makes one wonder, large areas on the world map are not flown to it seems. Twitter movement is not equal to representative movement; the technology is not available to everyone. Old stats from last year (twitter is not very open with its user numbers) show 40% of usage in the states and 60 in the rest of the world. Japan has a share of 36% and the rest of the 60% are divided almost equally by the western European countries.
Nevertheless this animation is a great usage of this informal, I let the world know, tool.

Just Landed – 61 Hours from blprnt on Vimeo.