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Christian Nolde form biomapping has put together a book containing essays around the topic of emotions, mapping, experience and visuals of the city. The book is called Emotional Cartography – the Technologies of the self. It is freely available on the internet as a full quality colour version at emotionalcartography or as a 2mb version here. It is all published under a Creative Commons.
It is edited by Christian and contains a number of essays by other people like, Raqs Media Collective, Marcel van de Drift, Dr Stephen Boyd Davis, Rob van Kranenburg, Sophie Hope and Dr Tom Stafford.

Image from emotionacartography

Christian’s Biomapping projects are great works bringing together both environmental and body informations.
His famous Greenwich Emotion Map was one of the first things I used Google Earth for. The kml can be downloaded here.

Images from biomapping

Here Christian combines informations such as sweat indicator, photographs taken by the participants, location information and comments by the participants.