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BMW Advertisement – GPS Drawing

BMW is at the moment very active and innovative at the advertisement front. For their new motorbike series F650 they have created a sequence of four clips in witch not the bike itself, but what one can do with it features. And what can you do with a bike, you ride it! But BMW goes a step further and extends the meaning of riding. You can also use it to draw or even write. This is where the GPS come in to play. For long this has been hobby for amateur artists and gadget geeks, but now it suddenly jumped on to the big canvas of the billboards, GPS drawing!
What BMW not says in the GPS model used, we don’t even get to know if GPS is installed on these bikes.

BMW Unstoppable GPS Drawing from Max Rider on Vimeo.

BMW Scissors GPS Drawing from Max Rider on Vimeo.

BMW Boat GPS Drawing from Max Rider on Vimeo.

The first two clips are shot in Montevideo, Uruguay. Featuring motorcycle globe rider Sebastian Klein and the new BMW F650GS. The last of the three is from Cabo Polonio, Uruguay. Featuring professional motorcycle rider Dirk Thelen-Farber and the new BMW F800GS.
BMW further invites every, presumably BMW, bike rider to contribute and upload their map to the BMW-bike page.
The latest examples are mainly just tracked routes from enthusiastic, but riding rather than drawing oriented user. But all the tracks can be downloaded as GPX and reuses, in case you want to redraw the scissors, write the unstoppable or draw the boat, the links will take you there. In addition there is also a bridge and gertcoetzee has drawn a motor bike.

BMW has also been quite innovative with its latest add for the all new Z4, this time a car. The story of the campaign is to use the car as a paintbrush and presumably the road as the canvas. Similar to the bike drawings, but this time not with GPS but with real colour on a real enormous canvas. The innovative use of technology here is that they use augumented reality and allow the potential buyer to interact with the product before even seen or bought. Great stuff.

And then you can drive it for yourself with the help of your printer and the built in camera.
The new BMW Z4 in 3D from tristan and laura on Vimeo.