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5000 visitors so far on UrbanTick! Great stuff and thank you all for the interest in the work hat is presented in this spot. 5000 is a good number to look back again at what the number say and how the graph draws this time, plus looking at the content so far and what will come up for the near future.
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The content of this blog was aimed at rhythms and cycles in its description. These topics have been rather on the sideline and the focus was more on GPS and tracking stuff. This has mainly to do with the UrbanDiary project that is still ongoing, which generated this interest. For the future the intensity towards GPS and specifically tracking will remain, plus more posts more directly aimed at cycle and rhythm research as well as the additional topic of the body in relation to rhythm, routine and the body. Body will relate on one hand to the human body with the physical experience of space and time and on the other hand directly to the city and the urban morphology as space and time. This addition shall enable the research to start evolve a not so traditional view of the city as a result of motion and change rather than the traditional fix points and space containers.
Regarding the blog’s visitors, so far the peaks have been similar at 15h00 and 22h00 with the mid weekdays being most popular.

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There is a slight shift in the days, it not Thursday with the most visitors, but Wednesday now. It is still at 15h00 in the mid afternoon when it peaks, but then it basically stays up until 22h00, whereas the late night and the morning stays relatively calm.