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Stop Motion Meets Moving

A really nice stop motion clip by mustardcuffins on vimeo. It is titled “Still Moving” and described as “Stop motion Tilt shift meets tracking. what fun! lots of photos…. this technique is an extension of my other video The Persistence of Vision.Shot in London with a Canon G9 – no i didn’t film it from a train or bike – no roller skates!”
Tracking here is not in the sense of location tracking as in the UrbanDiary project, but rather in the sense of tracking elements of orientation and navigation. This is shown lovely by keeping an element in the focus wile moving around it or passing by. It could be read literally as a visualisation of how a person perceives the city wile moving through and in this sense it could be titled as a subjective (Google) Street View.

Still Moving from mustardcuffins on Vimeo.