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Just Arrived – the New UD Tracking Watches – Garmin 405

The two test devices supplied by Garmin have just arrived. They are charging now, but will be soon out for first test walks around central London. The main interest is how good they will ply in these urban conditions.
Garmin kindly sent us two forerunner 405 wristwatch GPS to test them. They will be used in the UrbanDiary project to extend the field of participants.
First touch, the device is surprisingly responsive through the “Touch Bezel“ and one immediately finds oneself attached to the new tool. Simple setup, including a short tour through the device function at startup help to be able to use it straight away from the beginning.
Setting up the first of the devices in the court of Torrington Place took no more than an impressive two minutes to get a good Satellite signal and location. Compared to the Foretrex 201 that was used at the same time this is great and the weather conditions where very cloudy. The 201 didn’t find a signal for five minutes and we couldn’t be bothered to wait in the rain for the device to find a signal.
Garmin has supplied a heart rate monitor belt and ant stick as well so this will be in the next phase of testing.

Image by UrbanTick