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Animal tracking – Frogs

First results of a fine scale GPS tracking study in London’s private gardens show amazing results. Spring arrived in London and the frogs started to come out of their winter quarters about three weeks ago. They were tagged with GPS devices and have ever since collected data on their daily routines in the local gardens.
GPS accuracy is somewhere between 3 and 15 meters but still, this study shows it is possible to get some results on very local scale as this back garden tracking shows. The two participants ‘Blurb’ and ‘Rosi’ where very collaborative and willing to be tracked. Fortunately the GPS devices are waterproof as the frogs like the wet!

frogTracking05.LrpHz9rrKzWs.jpg​        frogTracking_montage01.TRDCdC59Gx0Z.jpg
Participant 01 ‘Blurb’                Participant 02 ‘Rosi’ with her “backpack”

Their tracks are shown in yellow, the many gaps refer to their habit to jump from spot to spot rather than walk

Image by UrbanTick