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Presentation CASA Seminar 2009-03-25

Presentation of the PhD work that I have been doing so far. The presentation was given in the context of the CASA Seminar series.
Wednesday, March 25, 2009, Galton Lecture Theatre, 1-19 Torrington Place, 5pm

Fabian Neuhaus, PhD Researcher

Urban Diary – Cycles, rhythms ad pattern in everyday life

This PhD research project focuses on the cycles and rhythms in the urban environment. Like day and night or the rush-hour, there are a number of repetitive patterns occurring in the city. Maybe they are the result of spatial and social organization methods, but probably they are involved in the organization of the city as a system.
With the use of GPS technology I research patterns in peoples every day activities. The main interest is the spatial extension of these routines. Findings are expected to be useful for planning and urban design in particular.

The slides are here:

Of course there where some clips integrated with the slides for the presentation, I just haven’t found the clever way to combine the two for the web presentation. Any good ideas? The clip are somewhere on the blog if you are interested.