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Motion Day – Clip Selection

The life-cycle, a concept to include parts of what this blog is about. There is a limitation to each subject and each activity. In many areas the cycle is something that spans over generations and as such an element of integrations and continuity.
The following clip gives an idea of this life-cycle with a great graphical language:

The Seed from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

In a web 2.0 society Google has taken over the world of location and mapping. With its free online map service and Google Earth application, most of the visualizations and animations of the UrbanDiary project are based on these tools. It is not only the context, the information, but also the style and the graphics that are dominated by the Google giant. We are more familiar with the graphical language of the Google Maps than with any local guide and special elements of this language are entering our daily lives. Just as the following clip visualizes:

Map from aram bartholl on Vimeo.