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Location of I – Tracking Art Project

Location of I, is an art project by Martin John Callanah. The artist is tracking himself live daily. On the internet we can follow his moves and see what he is up to and were he is going. The website also has an archive and makes the past two years accessible to retrace the artists movements.
Commercial companies have only recently discovered that this sort of service could be interesting for customers, e.g. Google Latitude or Brightkite.
The artists motivation to work on the Location of I project was basically to be findable in both, the virtual world and the real world. He concludes: “I have become so findable and so contactable: I hide.”
The technology he uses is purpose built software running on windows mobile on a mobile device with included GPS. I am wondering how he manages the gadgets battery life. The iPhone for example would not be capable to track longer than a couple of hours without recharging…

Image by urbanTick – Screenshot

So let’s try to find out what the artist has done on the start day of the UrbanDiary project, that is 2009-02-05

Image by urbanTick – Screenshot

And on Saturday the 28th of February, I only hope he was not walking down that road!

Image by urbanTick – Screenshot