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London Diary – Week Two

It has been a busy week, as always. The data collection this week was again good, with some nice tracks. To the disappointment of some participants, the pattern has been VERY similar to last weeks. Unfortunately our lives do not quite cover as much ground in the city as we might like to think, the routines we follow are rather strong. Nevertheless, to find that the perception is different is already a good finding.
But have a look yourself, here is a clip generated from the data.

UrbanDiary_2W_090219 from urbanTick on Vimeo.

A different view gives the following clip. Here, the data is replayed in 24H, so all the records played in one day. The coverage shows that there is activity throughout the day, except the early morning hours. Between 02h00 and 07h00 there is a big gab in activity. The rest of the time 07h00 to midnight and beyond is very active. What is a bit misleading here is that the weekend activities are squeezed in together with the weekday activities. From the clip above we have seen that the activity pattern between the two vary a lot. The next step would be to find a visualization that clearly focuses on this problem.

UD_dayIcon_090220 from urbanTick on Vimeo.

You can see last week’s visuals here.