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— urbantick


Well, actually this is Google Earth (GoEa) right in my blog! Great, I m loving it.
Just three years back, I could not believe it, when I got my first, unofficial Google Earth version on my mac. It was amazing to explore the world in this new way all from the comfort of my personal keyboard or mouse respectively. Now GoEa is everywhere, on my phone (yes I have an iPhone) and now on my blog too! What do i need my desktop for these days?

By the way of course it should actually display some more, as the title suggests, it is not working yet. But to play with this little blue ball in space is already worth a post. I will be working on a solution to make the title matching content visible.

It is fixed… rather it was never broken. There seems to be an issue with safari. If you cant see any content try Firefox instead. It seems to work, for both maps and GoEa.

This gadget was found at Google, where else? Click here to get your own. There is no need for an API it seems…